Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cancer Survivor....About Acknowledgement and Long Term Survivorship

Over the years I have done much communicating with cancer patients in person and on line.  One of the number one issues they face is the feeling of acknowledgement on so many levels......

1.  Acknowledgement of the illness itself
2.  Acknowledgement of the fact that the person is still who they are and not just a disease
3.  Acknowledgement of fear.....death...not living a full life....fear for family and friends.....fear that people will run from them....the list is endless.....

Acknowledgement does not mean acceptance...it can just mean that I have a problem now how do I fix it....if it is fixable......and acknowledging something that could be hospice and death.  I am not there yet however I know many that are in hospice.

Today is an expression of my love for other long term survivors like myself.....the endless medical journey......whether it is 3, 5, 10, or 16 years like me......

The mind blowing procedures that we withstand to stay alive and heart ache when we can not fix something.....a major body part gets a tumor and we can't fix it.

Because with our knowledge.....and research .......after so many freaking years.....shouldn't we just be able to fix it???!!!!!  We develop a mindset that we can fix anything......

We have survived endless surgeries.....new experimental treatments.....chemo, radiation, emotional and physical craziness....and we did well for the most part.  And yet when the real time comes....we can't believe that our bodies are dying and we can not fix it.  There must be something!  And we see the heartache in our doctor's eyes as they have nothing to offer us except love and peace.

I understand this. 

To my close Cancer people in Hospice Today....My heart aches.....I have seen many friends pass in these 16 years.  Each person that I become close to takes a piece of my heart and soul with them......I miss you so.  Because you are the closest person to me...to this life that I never asked for...but we do the best we can everyday because that is who we are.   And when I go someday.....I am sorry to leave You xoxox  Tomorrow back to the business of Healthcare.

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