Monday, May 8, 2017

Cancer Survivor....16 Year Cancer Patient Says.... a Lot Today..Update and Info

There are two choices in sit around and watch the world pass you by and have fear....sometimes paralyzing fear.....

Or you have a bit of fear and do whatever it takes to make your heart beat with life and joy....a couple of times I have gotten in my own way however as of late...nothing gets in my way.....

If you have read prior posts here or googled me.....I am never shy ....but all of us experience fear in illness or where ever.....These days I just absorb it.   I have found when I am really fearful....there was no reason and when I feel fine that is when the unexpected I make a great effort to go with the flow....see how things pan out and treat people the way that I expect to be treated.  Until the deep warning signs emerge in my soul......

The last couple of days I have been at pre op for a liver embolization.  This is not an unusual procedure.  Thousands do it every year all over the world.....however I am an unusual person as last time I had any procedure was two years ago when I died and woke up after 40 minutes of no oxygen to my brain and about 3 days in a coma....a miraculous recovery indeed.

Yesterday was at a visit with the head of anesthesia to make sure this does not happen again....hence the fear .......caution on my part and many questions..... and they too wanted to make sure as a patient that I was ready for this as well.

And then you sit and talk to people and you realize that perhaps the whole event could have been avoided for a couple of reasons....and then you realize what actually happened that day you died...really happened and the longer you sit there ....the angrier you become.....I hid it well.  I sat and listened and made friends.

So now I am sending a letter today to the doctors that declined my care....the anesthesiologist that was my doc that day in the ablation where I died and woke up 3 days later for no reason at all....

2 years later ....and two meetings later..with 2 anethesiologists......including the head of the is time for someone other than the doctors that saved my life that day.....It is time for someone to F'ing say.....I am sorry!!!!!  Say to this patient.....I am sorry for what happened to you on that day!!!   And I can assure you in the next procedure that we will do better!

Saying you are sorry does not admit means you are truly sorry! Cefotitan...the drug given to me that day is related to penicillin ...about 10 to 25 %....I am allergic to penicillin...why was I given that drug Ever? 

A lesson in advocating for yourself...speak up...don't let medical issues pass you your proud and speak up .....I am no patient....I have no patience for people that treat me poorly.

I am not dying from another "accident"...not me...not ever!

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  1. I know I'm not one of your doctors, and an apology from me doesn't cut it, but seriously -- *I* am sorry this happened to you. Someone once told me I'd had enough negative things in my life and for sure I had some credit in the bank on that score, but it doesn't seem to work that way, does it! --Alison W.


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