Tuesday, May 16, 2017

#16 Year Cancer Patient Says.....The Robots Are Coming??!!!! and other Machines

I read lots of medical stuff...even on Twitter....I follow some brilliant medical folks that post articles from all over the world.   I can not imagine being in the ER and my first contact interview is with a robot....a real robot checking me in.  So you might not visit with a real human until the robot calls them?

Obviously if you are truly having an "event"...the humans will come running.  However I can not help thinking that everyday we are becoming more and more inhuman towards each other and the World at large.....that all of this machinery just carries us further away from each other everyday.

Even here on social media I believe that partially me typing and you reading...inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc brings us further away from actually being with other human beings.  There is no replacement for seeing others in person....none. 

I understand the need for innovation, creativity, and making money.....but will all of these inventions actually trickle down to the average patient?   How will we pay in the future for anything medical amidst all of this innovation? 

As a Patient and Patient Advocate I am all for progress, new ideas, making money.  In that thought process and other issues we can not forget the average patient in care and how they are really progressing in the everyday care that they receive.

I believe in all of the new innovations we loose sight of our real Patients.  If we can invent a robot to check a suffering person into care....why cant we create a decent healthcare system?


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