Thursday, May 11, 2017

#16 Year Cancer Patient Says.....I am Screaming Can You Hear Me???????? (humor)

I am screaming on the inside....I am smoldering...My emotions are cooking....not in a crazy way....I am just in that place....I am in that place where I have to get really brave to stay here on Earth.  And I do not like it ....2 months shy of 16 years.....You  might think I am used to medical stuff....real medical stuff and you would be wrong....I have to gear up as a wave is coming ...a medical wave.  And all I want to do is enjoy life.....there is always a price these days...

And you can pass along some philosophical bullshit to me...but whatever you say, I have already been there...."I mean please after 16 years do not give me lines of bullshit"...I have heard all of them and then some....a small list of lines I get on a daily basis....:)...LOL

1.  You are not dying God has a purpose for You.....OY...I say OY
2.  You should feel grateful that it has not gone to your brain.....and how do we know this for sure????   LOL....I have not checked lately :)  That is not how grateful really works....seriously..
3.  Have you tried Snake Green with Polka Dot Grape Juice from the Mountains of will cure You 3 weeks after drinking at a cost of $500 a teaspoon!
4.  You have Cancer because of a crime that you committed in a past life and for $2000 I can cure You!  (yes....someone said this to me)  Ugh

The list is endless...this is a small list.....

So I will keep screaming on the inside and do my best to stay here.......that is all I can do everyday....and I will keep typing until I can not anymore!!!!!

Guess I will go drink some Afganistanian Snake Juice right now....:))))))

Tomorrow back to business.....

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