Monday, May 15, 2017

#16 Year Cancer Patient Says....Back to the Business of Healthcare ...Secrets People Tell Me and More

I have a lot that I do not discuss on any given day..everyday I get messages from people that I do not know.....people I will never meet in person....but as far as cancer goes...I know them.

Some secrets are.....

1.  I am so tired....I fought for so long...I can't talk to people I know... about how tired and scared I really am.  They just think that I will live forever...that I can keep doing endless medical things to myself and everything is ok.   I don't feel OK.  How do you feel about 16 years?   I am only doing 3...or 10...etc  How do you do this? 

2.  We just adopted 2 children and I am going to leave my partner with them alone.....I don't know how to do that.   How do I do that?

3.  I ran out of food the other day and did not tell anyone....I am embarrassed....I get food money tomorrow....I went to the food one knows I did that.   How do I get help?

4.  I miss my hair....I miss Me....where do I find Me?  

5.  My doctor (who is not a Sarcoma Doctor)  talks to me like I am an idiot do I get to a real doctor? 

6.  Not sure how to pay for this medication....I don't have $2,000 a month and insurance says I can not have it.......I am a single Mom with kids....can you help me get this medication...can you call my insurance company?  I am not poor enough or rich enough...must I fall through the cracks and be destitute to get help?  Is that how this works? 

7.  My company figured out how to fire me without my benefits....can you help me?  My savings are almost gone.....

8.  My Mom has Alzheimers and it costs about $5,000 a month for her you do Alzheimers or just cancer?  We are running out of money...quickly..

This is the real face of healthcare ......F...You....Republicans that support this.....Others better stand up and fight or we will unseat You...or die trying.

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