Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#16 Year Cancer Pateint Says....Is Healthcare Really a Human Right? And other Random Related Thoughts...... is ...every human being on Earth deserves enough food and clean water so that they are not hungry and can grow strong.  Every human being deserves a safe place to lay down at night and sleep free of harm, the cold, etc.  And every person on Earth should have basic healthcare so that they have a chance at a decent life.  That is all pretty simple and so NOT simple here in America for so many reasons.... way before both Clintons, Obama and even Trump came along.   Our healthcare crisis has been developing for 50 years or more.  No one was paying attention...none of us until the crazy bills started coming about 30 years ago.....and still no one paid one that was really willing to try and change anything....

During this time Insurance Companies expanded their power immensely in their lobbying of Congress and their economic worth relative to our GNP (gross national product)...Medical Insurance companies are huge....if they go under we could have a depression.  They also paid many political folks by donating lots of money to campaigns.  Why don't we ever discuss the insurance companies and their role in all of this......???   They paid reps from all parties to be quiet.  Sad indeed. Maybe we can change this.  I want to hear from them.

In order to really change the system to anything that works better in truth....we must hold all responsible parties accountable.

The Insurance Companies ........where are you?  I get it.....The least CEO makes over 18 million a year and that is without bonus........

So.....suck us dry.....we loose houses...can't pay for meds.....people die without proper coverage....people choosing care over food.....How as Americans did we let this happen?

Disgusting.....Step Up ...Rise Up......

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