Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cancer Survivor......I am Going To Be 60...and 16 years of this Shit :)

Well my 60th birthday is approaching and I have had cancer over a quarter of my life.  I was always so freakishly healthy.....I discovered something was wrong while running with a friend and I just could not keep matter what...I could not catch my breath.....something was wrong.  I went to the doctor and the rest is history....over 600 posts here and advocating for other crazy people like me all of these years later.

I have no clue what to do for my birthday on this particular year with so much cancer although able to run around quite well.....In my soul I have no clue! 

I am trying to stay away from the thought that this may be my last birthday etc.  That gets old.  I have been thinking that for many birthdays it is not productive to do that.....

My 40th birthday I had a roller skating party....rented out the rink for the day ...I stayed on skates for 6 hours and had a blast with family and friends.....the kids had a ball...hard to believe that was 20 years ago and cancer was something other folks dealt with.  At 40 I did feel 20........oh those days.

At 50 I had a great day with family....and my Ex gave me an entire day at the 4 seasons with I will not discuss that here.  :)  I don't miss him but I miss my healthy body at that time.....even in the midst of cancer....Your health can rise.  But sometimes relationships can not. 

I have no idea how to celebrate this birthday.  And I do believe in celebration without question.

I want to do something awesome just for me......I don't know what that is anymore xoxoxo To be continued...........Maybe we will work through it together....what do you want to do?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cancer Survivor...Ok....One More Post This Week on Survival

I have written about this before I know....not sure where....Lol...a couple of cancer friends of mine are very sick....not here much longer kind of sick.

It is at these times that I feel cancer even more and my heart aches ..literally aches. I guess I could run from being friends with other cancer patients....but I know what that feels like by the folks that ran from me over the years.  It is painful and the folks that see me on social media that I never actually hear from.

So I can not run away.  They are incredible people that got stuck in this just like me....this endless medical blur with no end in sight until you pass away...regardless of the actual time...3, 8, or 16 years...or more....and it is not just cancer......any long term illness.....

Everyday is a mental exercise of being yourself other than your illness and over coming the battle in your brain to move ahead and just be you...whatever that is for you.

My friends in the fight that I have lost ...some like sisters that I never had....I miss you ....I miss you more everyday....I see you and hear your voice as I go about my world.  The only thing I can do is to try my best to keep living the best that I can.   That is my only way of really honoring you.

I look at the small gifts that people have sent me over the years to remember them by and I hold them every so often and think of you.....they are priceless.  One in particular is a pink beany baby pig that my friend held until she passed......and passed it on to was her Dad's ...he passed from cancer as well.... I hug it every so often and think of her.

Or the letter I have hanging on my wall from Laura.....I think that I have the words memorized ....

Everyday we do the best we can.....that is it....but do not give in to Cancer on the emotional front....long time people...learn to carve out a have to make a do not know how long you will actually survive...look at me ...almost 16 years and even waking from the dead!

Who knew?

Monday, March 27, 2017

Cancer Survivor.....Medical Update and Not Here for a Few Days

Hi All....

I am Ok and not here for a bit...I have some Medical to Do. 

If you are reading for the first time there are about 600 away.

Every time I think that I am finished writing ...I am is truly my therapy all of these years.

Lately it seems to be more serious between my growing tumors and our healthcare crisis.

I think things will get better in healthcare...not so sure about my tumors  ..:)

There are so many all over.....I have never been here before...but I have said this before and I stayed here.

In any event I will keep writing because I enjoy it so much whether someone reads or not! 

Wishing you all a good week...I will be back shortly xoxo

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cancer Survivor....The Art of Cooperation....Fix It!

As a sixteen year cancer patient I feel it is time do you feel.  Please join my Facebook Group, "Treat Your Healthcare Like a Business".   I will do as many teaching videos as I can for patients to learn how to advocate for themselves.  You should watch.

I also want to call on all people in Congress from finally join together and fix this crap......fix our healthcare system so people do not go broke when they are sick.

So people do not die from Lack of Care...

So people do not die because they need to buy food instead of medication

So people do not die because they can not see a specialist

So women and men don't die because their preventative care is not covered

So people don't die because of underwriting issues and are denied coverage

The list is endless

And of course ....INSURANCE COMPANIES.......we want to hear from YOU...we do not ever hear from you.....step forward and be accountable to the people ......

Politicians stop covering for insurance companies!  Make them step forward and speak accountable for your actions.....You never have!   I dare You!

The time is now to Cooperate and get something done.......

Decent Healthcare is the one issue that we all have in common....let's do this.

Before I die please....I want to see this done!  16 years is a long time to see nothing done!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cancer Survivor...House Freedom Caucus, Paul Ryan, will eliminate the Middle Class in America

I may or may not be dying now however I will never stop typing until I am dead or we have decent healthcare!   The later coming first I hope!

The passing of any form of this bill will eliminate the middle class from the United States. 

Not covered and basically killing the elimination of these services and so much more...

1. All Emergency Services
2. All Maternity Services.....because being pregnant is a pre existing condition.....Right?
3.  All Mental Health Services....
4.  Addiction Services
5. Outpatient Care
6. All forms of Birth Control
7.  Underwriting brought back as a form of premium hikes and denial of coverage...

On and On and On...but you can still buy eyeglasses with your Health Savings account and get a tax break! LOL

There is no health insurance plan in the House Freedom Caucus....just more money for insurance companies and the ultra rich....Your life would be ruined here....

And Ryancare is a huge tax write off for the rich as not be fooled.   People will die.  The middle class will melt away in non existent healthcare.   Don't allow your life to melt away.....I beg you.  Your life is at stake today.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cancer Survivor...One more Thing...Friendship and Cancer

Before I must go off for a few days.....Many of you know that I am doing this dance almost 16 years.  Along the way I have met the most amazing people from everywhere...all over the world...every religion...every color ...

Many of these folks became my friends other than cancer.  We got to know each other as etc.   It was a natural process....I met in person people from all over the world and in my own neighborhood.  And many of them are dead.  I watched them die ...they watched me be worse and then better....

And often they will apologize for leaving me to go on by myself in illness and perhaps my own some point right?   I must tell you and them I have no regrets in these amazing friendships.  I only hate my heart break at watching another amazing human leave this Earth too soon.

Some will apologize about discussing death with me .....they will discuss things with me that they cant tell their families and even closer friends because the thought of them not being here is just too painful to bare.

I don't leave them when these talks are needed the most and I may be the only person willing to listen at such difficult moments.  Sometimes I say nothing....there is nothing to just listen...

I guess I want you to know that every person that has been my friend....I miss you ...that I think of you a lot....I keep the letters you have written me over the years and gifts and I look at our pictures....and some amazing adventures that we have had together.

This cancer journey that has been horrific in my opinion....You all made it bearable for me...without you I would have been very lonely.  You are in my heart always and if heaven exists I want to spend that part with you as well.  I miss you forever.

In cancer some healthy people ...they will run away from you or you might barely hear from them ever......some folks just do not possess the amazing gene for kindness and compassion...some think all they need to do is serve food at a homeless shelter once a year....and all the other days they spend running....don't be a your heart and help someone once in awhile.  It's an amazing feeling.   

Cancer Survivor...Be Back in a Couple of Days...Pay Attention to Healthcare Bill!

Hi All...Thank You for reading...I am not here for a few days due to Medical Stuff.   Thanks so much for reading all of these years....

Keep fighting for healthcare...negotiate medical bills, etc.

Tell you reps to stop lying and be accountable!   If they are not do not vote them back!

Be back in a few days

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cancer Survivor.....Go to the Beginning...Find Me ...Find Yourself...and Rise

I have over 600 posts here and have cancer almost 16 years.....I have been typing since 2009....

Someone asked me today why I fight so hard for myself and others....

I would suggest that you go back and read from the beginning moving forward.  It is there that you will find me.....the cancer side of me.....

That person that had about 15 major abdominal surgeries....2 chest ports, 2 stomach ports, 2 chest tubes, a pic line....about 6 chemos and immunotherapy... and a heart attack in 2015 where I died and then woke back up....known as a miraculous recovery......and last not assisted thoracic surgery known as VATS....oh and SBRT radiation to my lung, ribs...

I am not sure my kids remember me without cancer. 

I have seen people go without food for their care or for their loved money for rent in a timely fashion....

I watched a 24 year old kid melt away because he never bought insurance and died of a Sarcoma.  All he could get was Medicaid at the time ....there was no ACA and he died ...a young man working his way through college and waiting tables .....his entire life ahead of him.  Dead because of sub standard care.

I encounter everyday sick folks not understanding how any insurance works or does not work....I know many who understand it and still it does not work...

So Congress I could go on forever with real life cases....don't care what you call it ....get our healthcare to work for all....for all of us.....We are more more pay more bullshit.

For my 60th birthday in June.....I may just carry a sign and sit at your door step ....the steps of Congress....with my sign...I am coming ...maybe some folks will come with me?

Join me tomorrow in a Facebook Live Event in Treat Your Healthcare Like a Business...9am Pacific Time.

Cancer Survivor....About Town Hall Meetings and other Healthcare Stuff

Are you attending Town Hall Meetings?  There is growing evidence that your representative says one thing to you in person and then goes back to Washington and does not follow through.  This means that we are being lied person ....on video so that there is proof.

Go look up how your Congress person votes after a Town Hall Meeting and know the truth!  Don't be fooled!  We voted them in to stand by their words and act with honesty and integrity.  Many of them have lied!

We are also not hearing about the far right that wants to have caps on insurance coverage......still have underwriting as a form of denial of any coverage...

Make sure you know where your rep stands and how they vote in Congress.

I am sick of the lies....aren't you?

Long Term Care Info

The average cost of Assisted Care least $4000 a month.....could be $15,000 a month with dementia

Informal Caregiver Cost......about $15 an hour

Nurse Visit ....about $25 an hour or more....

We will talk Long Term Care tomorrow.....and why understanding what this is critical to your care.

Cancer Survivor...Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama

Senator Mo Brooks of Alabama last night on MSNBC stated that he would like to bring back caps on Insurance.......bring back underwriting as a form of denial of coverage, and on and on.   All he was for was the lowering of taxes....

Taxes will be less because you will be dead......He wants even more limited coverage ....Paul Ryan is not the  only one....unseat this man in his next election.....he does not care about you...

I have some questions.....

How much money have you taken from Health Insurance companies in campaign donations or otherwise?

What is your health insurance coverage as it stands today?

What is the basis for your extreme idiot viewpoint?

Please attention to how your party is actually voting ....and why......your life is at stake.

Make every person accountable regardless of party!

Mo Brooks.......We will unseat you next election....Pay attention Alabama....

Your state is beautiful and folks need help!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Cancer Survivor......Off Topic.....How Did Everything Get so Average Person's Opinion

I have been typing since 2009......have cancer since 2001.  Even back then health insurance was crazy...people were going broke.....we just did it quietly....there was no social media.....we thought maybe it was just a personal issue...many were too embarrassed to speak up about these 5...10 ...15 ...20 thousand dollar medical bills or more.   No one really knew that you could fight back.   It was the beginning....

As well we did not pay attention too much to big business and the fact that there were lies everywhere in both parties......there  was a ton of lobbying ...politicians on all sides of the fence were accepting campaign contributions from Health Insurance Companies......frankly...we did not stand a chance.....and we were not paying attention because we wanted to trust the folks from everywhere that we elected to office.

One day we realized what was going on......all the lies piled up...our healthcare sucked and we went looking for someone to blame....

Then more and more lies ...they got bigger ....broader....and everyone was doing it....everyone...

Then we realized how much our elected officials just wanted money, and power....including those elected recently...possibly more so recently.

So now we don't trust anyone and we still have crap coverage.

I want to trust someone....actually more than I am calling on both parties to Rise.....say you screwed up and fix it....

Don't care what you name it....fix it.....Speaker Ryan...You may need mercy when we are done.

Healthcare is Human Right...good, decent healthcare....stop lying to us.  Fix It!

Life is simple....people make it complicated.  You can fix this to make the United States a better place.  So far I am not seeing it.

Healthcare 2017...Congressional Budget Office Release Healthcare Costs and it is Horrific...Just Say NO!

Speaker Ryan...You need to apologize....Folks take a look...please go to and see the real story on this plan.

And let me be honest......The Affordable care Act needs much is far from perfect. 

I call on both parties......especially as of late ...Speaker Paul Ryan....I need no mercy....I need no more lies.  I have cancer for over 15 years....a quarter of my life.  I better than you understand our healthcare system and how it works.

Grow some empathy...grow some ADULT....stop acting like a 2 year old.  Do you want this to be your legacy?  That You uninsured millions more Americans?  That you gave CEO's of all the healthcare companies Tax breaks?

That you lied to Americans telling them that Health Saving Accounts will be an option for them when they get sick?

That everyone's healthcare plans would rise a minimum of 20 per cent?  On and On and On....

You can also see posts from me in Facebook in Treat Your Healthcare Like a Business.

I am just going to keep going until I die fighting for us.......

I dare you Speaker Ryan to speak to me about Healthcare....stage 4 plus cancer survivor...I dare You

Read my 600 posts and then let's talk.  I am here for

More tomorrow

Cancer Survivor.....How to Advocate for Yourself In Your Changing Healthcare Needs

Sometimes you are up and not.....when you are not do you get and receive better care in all ways?  Here are some tips......

1.  Call a family/friend meeting...and I am serious....pick a day and a time and invite folks together to meet with you to address your care in a non emotional productive way.  And folks appreciate this immensely....people want to help you....they don't know have to ask/teach them.

2.  Make an agenda for this meeting.....inclusive of your time schedule and exactly what you need....a ride to the doctor....a laundry done....a social coffee time....chemo recovery....whatever you need....babysitting....a screamfest :) understand.

3.  In this agenda please be honest and not too proud...asking for help is a luxury....some folks have no one to ask and in a separate post I will address that as well.   Ask!   People love to help if you tell them what to do!

4.  Have folks sign up for stuff and times.....please ask them to notify you if they need to cancel...or change days etc.

5.  You can do this all on line.....even make a friend in charge of your schedule in getting folks to help....even a secret Facebook group might be the easiest way to communicate with people.

6.  Do not feel guilty about doing this.....Cancer or any illness is not your fault!  Having some control over your life in illness makes you feel good because you are advocating for yourself.  That is the real issue over and over again is learning how to feel good about life in the face of adversity!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cancer Survivor....How To Really Help a Long Time Survivor

I am very a very lucky person.  That sounds crazy right?  But it is not.  I have had for all of these years some really magnificent helpful people.  I am so grateful and thankful for those people new and old.....however as time goes on and based on my experiences, I thought I would type a revised edition.  This is due to the rise of social media as well.  Here we go..

1.  This is very old school....Just ask someone how you can help them....really...just ask.   This is the most difficult thing for people to do both in person and on social media and here is why.
   A.  Almost everyone has a preconceived notion about how they want to help you.  This is based on their belief system and what they think that you need based on how they have seen you both on social media and in person.....but really just ask!  We may need something so totally different than what you are offering.....It could be just some chicken soup! 

2.  A couple of things to keep in mind.......
   A.   Our concept of time and how we feel.....with a cancer patient going through treatment...our time could be summed up by the minute ...second...hour etc....its hard to plan and we never know how we are going to feel at any given moment....a presumed schedule is I like to do things fast...any way that is accomplished...not because I may or may not be dying.....but because this is the moment I feel good .....very simple!

 B.  Social Media.....I look good there and in person still despite having over 15 tumors all over my body.....that is deceiving....I get it.  I have a gotten a little too skinny....I am trying to is not easy...  I feel like most people think that I will be here forever and you can take your time finding me.....and I hope that is media can be a lonely place for cancer patients.....if you know someone around you that is not well...nothing replaces an in person visit or even a phone call....don't be afraid to call someone....even if you do not know what to say....

I am not really writing this particularly for me....this is one big issue in long term cancer survivorship...people living with cancer....not everyone is crazy like me trying to run say to a person me if you need me is just awful....You call them ...they will not call you.  15 years of supporting folks I know this.....more tomorrow....

I joke around in support group and discuss this with my fellow folks in treatment not be a surprise guest at a funeral......You know who you are...that person that lives within a few miles of the person that died....never calling or contacting them ....and yet you show up at the funeral to say good bye?    Really??   Don't be that person!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Cancer Survivor .......Update March 2017

I will be 60 in a few months.  Today is the anniversary of my Mother's passing.....8 years ago while I was in the hospital during one of my surgeries.  I had seen her the day before my surgery.  She said that she was leaving....that she could not wait for me ...she passed as I was recovering in the hospital.....on my third day there.  I arranged her funeral from my hospital bed with the help of a nurse. 

Tomorrow would have been my childrens' Father's 59th birthday.   He passed of a heart attack in 2006.  He died at 47 years young.   Everyone that knew him misses him immensely.  He was loved.

And here I sit with having cancer over a quarter of my life.  For many things in life there is no explanation.  People might try but some explaining is a true waste of precious time.  And then other things are never explained enough.

But there are a few things I know for sure........

I know if you choose anger instead of compassion and kindness then you will be a miserable human being even if you have everything...or think that you do...

I know that if you worry and complain all or most of the time.....that your life would be a waste of your time truly.

I know that if you stop being curious and you stop searching that indeed you will have wasted your time again.

I know that if you live in the past ...that is where you will stay forever... missing the present and perhaps your future...

Memories are fabulous but do not stay reason too.....

I know that you must let go not only of things .....but of people...of memories....and especially how you think that you should have lived...

If you can do that....then there is much life left....It is not easy but you can do it.  You must.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cancer Survivor......Why Does Healthcare Need to Be Horrific before It Can Be FIXED?

Dear Republican Party.......I am trying to be non partisan in my post.  You have made it very difficult for me to do that.

I want to live in a society where my government representatives don't act like lying, hiding infants.  I want to live in a society where my Speaker of the House does not do his job as an act of mercy.....that is the most insulting comment....Until I die of cancer someday I will not forget that you said that.  And I will make sure that you don't forget it either in my writings.   You need to apologize.

You are supposed to serve the people.  You are only serving yourself and a few that think like you.

I want to live in an inclusive society where my government reps make an effort to compromise and get along even though they believe differently.

When I advocate for a cancer patient living or dying I do not ask them their political beliefs.   I just help them.   When you drive seniors out into the streets from the costs of Trumpcare/Ryancare what will you say?   Who will you blame?  How will you be Accountable?

Our current system is flawed and needs honest and fix it....general bull shit in the media does nothing...

You are afraid to really discuss the particulars because you know that you screwing the average person.

I dare you to discuss the details with me.   I dare you....debate a cancer patient.....of over 15 years.

I dare you

Monday, March 6, 2017

Cancer Survivor.....Go High and Go Small

Perhaps off topic......however it is important to know this as a cancer patient or anyone really.....the world has gotten to be very big and we are expected to care about so much.  Maybe the real issues to make the world a better place is to care about just your self more.....

It is like flying in an airplane and God forbid there is a problem and the masks come down for you and your have to put the mask on yourself first before you can help your kids....It is common sense.

So with social media ...all media....and everything else going on in your need to take time and look in to yourself and fix what you can ...this is the hardest part of life....the scariest....and if you continue really the happiest and most successful.

I see such angry people everywhere...I can only think that they are too scared to look in and see what is really going on.   Anger is the easy way out.  Finding real solutions to your life's issues....looking in....that is the hard part.

Recently I chose to make my life much smaller.....less wasting of time on social media etc and really making it more about just me, family, friends....etc.   What is that to You?

Is that doing your paperwork ...looking for new life path.....trying to get well...planning for an important event.....getting your treatment organized....or even just that movie you want to see?

Don't forget yourself ....don't forget who you are and who you can be.......the world is so big!

Make your life big ...even if it is just for You.....Go high for yourself and small....

When others see you happy, joyous and perhaps just content....the right folks will join you!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cancer Survivor ....A Real Talk About Money

Yesterday I saw on Facebook that a couple of people that I know but have not seen in a long time are struggling with first time cancer.  My heart breaks when I see this.  Doing this for almost 16 years my heart aches with knowledge and empathy for them.

They are the kind of folks like me....always exercising...eating well and never thinking that this would happen to them!!!!   They are young!

And they are having big money problems....Lack of money and illness go hand in hand often....most always in today's here are some money tips in illness.

1.  You must have an emergency least a year that can support you if you become ill.  This is liquid cash....not somewhere where you can not get it.  I don't care if you have to give up something to up while you are healthy is fine.   Giving up all of your possessions and home while you are ill is not OK.   It is a heart breaker. 

2.  Seek out a real financial counselor.  A person with years of experience...lots of letters by their names....has an office and an assistant. 

a.   They are willing to explain everything and sit with you no matter how long it takes.  They are not just representing one company in insurance.   Don't buy anything or do anything on the first visit.  Get a second opinion if necessary.   If you are uncomfortable meeting alone take someone with you.

Financial Counseling is not only for wealthy people.   You must start somewhere.  Start now.  Don't wait until something happens.   If something already happened go now!

3.  All medical bills are negotiable.....all of them but you must catch them before collection .....I wrote about that in here somewhere.....not much has changed.

4.  If you have a cash value life insurance policy and you need money......go to your agent or company and find out how much it worth......and the rules for borrowing .....get a complete policy review with an in force may be much better than your credit card.   Try not to use your credit card.  That is the killer.

5.  Remember before you borrow are planning to pay it back.  Can you ever pay it back?

6.  Don't be afraid of medical bankruptcy....get a consultation.  Sometimes a fresh start is all you have.

Don't loose yourself in misery.   Rise to the next adventure.....Be organized.   Take control of what you can and rise.   Its not over until you are really done.

I am that and downs over all of these years....I will keep rising until I am done xoxo

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cancer Survivor.........Chemo Therapy and Cancer Sucks

Chemo sucks!!!!   Yondolis also known as Trabectin.....I hate it.  It is every 21 days.  You walk around with a pump for 24 hours.   Then the next day you get fluids and the next day a neulasta shot.  It is made partially from sea the environment!

This is  my millionth chemo.   After the first dose it took about 10 days to recover.  A few of those days due to massive headaches and rest room issues I wanted to be done.   I wanted to leave the Earth and be at peace.   I lost 5 lbs.   I am supposed to show up again on the 14th to do the same thing again.....seriously?   I am having a hard time doing this again.

It is at these moments I think in fleeting much vitamin C, cannabis, hocus pocus, turmeric, and vitamin A can I consume to either cure myself and/or kill myself?

I am already researching something else to do.   And here is the issue.....I must do one more dose to see if it works.....but doing this drug forever for stability?  I do not know how.

There are many trials coming in the next couple of years.....

I want a massage and melt it all away.......

I want no more cancer July it will be 16 years.  First surgery was in August of 2001.

This blog is my therapy....perhaps I should read back and follow my own advice!

On second thought today I should just scream.....I feel good today....I am just going to scream....till I have no more air in my lungs.....

I myself need to Rise xoxo

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cancer Survivor.........Healthcare and Politics...101

I have stage 28 Cancer...remember I like Stand Up comedy......I entertain myself often because if not me who?   Truly...If Not Me Who?   I am typing since 2009.  I have cancer since 2001....almost 16 years. 

The other day I was asked why I have become so political as of late.....I wanted to laugh because I thought it such a stupid question......I have always been political.....non partisan in healthcare...I have always advocated and stood up for people that are ill and disabled.  Nothing has changed....but actually they have....things are getting worse...not we must speak up more...bluntly and openly.

And I am not involved in the controversial will never see me screaming here about abortion, guns...etc .   This is all about healthcare.

Like the woman that could not get her IV Bag for fluids......
The man that could not get a possibly life saving chemo drug
The single Mom with cancer that could not get the money from her disability policy because they denied her what she paid for ....for years..
The insurance company denying care to a woman because she was fat.....

The list of atrocities committed against the public by health insurance companies is endless.

You have a be accepting and silent or speak up.   I choose to speak up...every single day until I die.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cancer Survivor ....Health Insurance 102 ...This Is You?

Yesterday I went to my Cancer Center to give the waiting area was a simply dressed woman walking with a cane.....bald...ill and gorgeous in her day.   She was in the throws of chemo.  Sad as her 50's like me I believe.

A nurse walked up to her to let her know that because of her insurance,  that she was not allowed to get her IV of fluids until the following day.  Her insurance company has it's rules.  My heart ached for her.  She said nothing.  She calmly raised herself up, grabbed her cane and walked away.   I slipped her my number to call me about that insurance.  No call yet....she might have thought I was crazy.  I was at that moment!

She was clearly dehydrated and in need of care.   I hope that she went to the emergency room!

This is our health insurance system dictating our care...not the hospital, not the doctor...none of the people that are supposed to be doing this. 

This is the issue again that unites us as a people regardless of where you come from!   Don't allow those who do not care......who do not understand.....who just want money....that have no emotional investment in your well being dictate your care!

A cheap life saving IV bag of fluids for a suffering human ashamed.

Please share this.  Please Our lives are at stake!