Friday, January 16, 2015

Cancer Survivorship ....2015 Goals

It is mid January and I am doing well.   I am almost at about 650 posts...and I am alive!!!!!   Heading towards 14 years of stage 4 cancer!   Who the hell would have thunk it!  And I do mean thunk it!

My 2015 Goals

1.  Of course to live until 2016   :)...where is your sense of humor??   Of course I will be here...tumors and all!

2.  To become an Eagle with Send Out Cards....I am having a blast making people feel good everyday.   If you would like to join me, please e mail me at right now!

3.  To go through as little medical treatment as possible this year.  Last year and 2013 was enough for any normal human being...I know I am not normal...but still!

4.  To go on one real vacation with my daughters.  Sadly it has been years.  I am going to fix that.

5.  To do one incredibly weird thing this year...will get back to you on that.

Many of my fellow cancer friends have recently passed away.  It was heartbreaking.  I try and live well to honor the hundreds of incredible people that I have met in person and on line during these years.  God Bless you All!  Cancer sucks!   And here we go 2015.  So far so good!   xoxoxoxo