Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Be a Cancer Survivor....Update Amy

Hi all....long time no post.   I am good.   I now have cancer on my pancreas, in my liver, and in one rib.   It is small and I function well .   I am in no pain.    I exercise.  I have energy.  I work, laugh, and enjoy.

Every single day I am amazed at my good fortune and petrified at the same time.  Over 600 posts later.  We keep going.

I have started a home based business with Send Out Cards.   I love it.  If you want info please e mail me    I have big goals.....join me.

I am surrounded by incredible people with my work as an advocate, in Send Out Cards, friends and family.

I am thinking of radiating my is hard to make medical decisions when your cancer is rare and there is no definite path to follow.

I miss family and friends as you do this time of year.   Cancer sucks :) and so do other horrible diseases.

I will let you know when the you tube channel is up.  I need a technology class!!!!  I will get there :)

Lots of love and health this holiday season.   I am sorry not to post everyday.   I am still here and going strong!     Xoxoxo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update Amy

Good evening.   I am going to start on the 12th ......SBRT radiation to my rib for 2 weeks.   I am well enough and always hoping for the best.   I am working, and living well.   I will give a comprehensive update shortly!    Love and health.