Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Reinvent Your Career in Illness or Otherwise

I will be writing a series on this at

Go there!   I am guest blogging there everyday for the next 90 days

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cancer Survivorship...Update Amy

I have decided not to post too much for the rest of this month.  I am applying for clinical trials etc.  Those of you that are reading to learn about cannabis oil ....this will not be scientific enough to really learn much...if I am accepted to one of the trials I will be discontinuing the oil to be true to the study.

I am doing well.  I wish that I had been more aggressive earlier...however my body needed a break. 

If there is a big change I will post here.  I am still fully functional, working, laughing, however I can see subtle changes in my physical self that are a bit worrisome.

I have to move quickly now before one day I wake up and things are different.  And you know how that happens in a second.

If you are new here there is a lot of info for you in over 600 them. oxoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cancer Survivorship...Walt Grassl Radio Show Thursday at 11 am PST

Hi All.....I am on the best radio show tomorrow.   Go to

Sign on at 11 am PST to hear the show!   You can also listen at your convenience to the recorded show later.

I am OK.   Will give a big report tomorrow on the show!   Thanks! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cancer Survivorship...Off to Los Angeles

 I will be back here on Sunday,  Off to see docs, business, and all sorts of other stuff :).   If you need info on negotiating a medical bill and live in California please feel free to e mail me at   The reason I do not allow comments on this blog is because in the past people have left some crazy messages either promoting their product, cause, etc. 

Next week starts a business blog where I will allow comments.  I will chat on Sunday!   Enjoy!  And to a a very reputable Cannabis store as well.  So much to do and never enough time!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cancer Survivorship....Day 3 ...Cannabis Oil ...I am Angry

Hello Folks.  I am angry and here is why.  As stated earlier I am 57 years young.  I have worked and been a US Citizen my entire life.  I have had cancer since 2001.  I struggled, rejoiced, facilitated a rare cancer support group...I helped thousands of people survive cancer in a proud, dignified manner.  I do not drink, I exercise and I am not a drug addict in any way shape or form.  I take Advil for headaches...that is it.  I am not depressed...I wonderful family, friends, and dog.  

And yet in my pursuit of medical cannabis oil every step of the way the powers that be... make you/me feel like some second class citizen and drug addict....and yet...

You are the same person that drinks alcohol every single day, beer, martini...or whatever and then you get in your car and drive without a thought.  You are the person that has a prescription drug cabinet in your bathroom filled with pain medications prescribed by your so called doctor that you also drive your car while taking and if you miss one dose, you start to go crazy.  You are an addict.

You are the person that that has not a clue how medical marijuana can make a person on chemo hungry, relieve pain and possibly control tumor growth.  And you just lit your idiot.  Or maybe you are just perfect, never did a thing wrong, and never had an illness of any kind...your time will come. 

And then you might be me...trying to survive, stay alive, be myself in a society that says if I want medical marijuana with very real medicinal properties...that you will make me look like some sort of criminal to want to buy it in a reputable place where I am treated with where you buy your drugs...a licensed pharmacy out in public....or let's make it fun to do the local bar where you drink everyday, drive, and you think that is OK.  Get my point?   And then there is the money component of all of post.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cancer Survivorship....Canabis Oil day 2

I will not be trying this until tomorrow...Sunday...I live in a state where this is 100% legal.  I got my card the other day however within the city I live in you can only buy it if it is delivered.  I will not buy something like this without being able to go into a store and discuss it with someone.  yes...I have done a ton of research however I want to discuss this with someone my age in person that has been doing this for many years...

I found that store....I have to travel a couple of hours to get there however I feel it is worth it.

Cannabis is very different than smoking a is a very sticky substance.

1.  They can make capsules for you or you can drop it on your tongue...

2.  You have to make sure that it has certain properties

3.  You have to make sure that it is pesticide free....lab tested

4.  You have to build up a first dose will be a drop...

There needs to be a legalization of this for real.....why?  More later today in next post...Can not believe that I have to drive hours to have a decent conversation with someone about this.  ugh!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cancer Survivorship....Cannabis Oil...Day 1

Hello folks.  It my intention to document this journey regarding me using cannabis oil in cancer survivorship. 

For new folks here.  I am 57 years old...female :).  I have had about 20 major surgeries for metastatic retroperitoneal extremely rare cancer.  50% of us are dead within 5 years.  I have been doing this since 2001 :). 

I currently have disease in my liver, on my pancreas, my rib etc.  I have minimal pain and my body still works. :)  Yeah!

I have made this decision to try cannabis because I have been reading so much about it and have nothing to loose.  At some point I will be dripping oil at the same time as my new chemo.

I am telling you all about it because I can :) and do not mind.  I need to say a few things here so no one sues me at any time.  So here goes.  The legal release....

1.  I am telling no one to do this with one ...not one person.
2.  I am not saying in any way, shape or form that cannabis cures cancer...although that would be nice.  And if my tumors melt away I will :).

3.  I am documenting my journey for entertainment purposes only.

4.  I am released from all liability should anyone copy what I do and they hurt themselves.  I did not recommend that anyone do what I am doing.  I am doing this only for me and just informing others regarding my process and opinion.    I will be picking up oil tomorrow and taking my first drop :)  ..Yeah!  Stay tuned for posts on Saturday.  Thanks!