Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rare Cancer Survivorship 101

Dear Friends,

I will be writing 2 blogs now.  One...this one will be my emotional journey through cancer ...the other is all business and teaching you many things.  Business is on wordpress.  You can find it at

I have a lot more to say and wanted to organize properly so here goes.  Hope you enjoy and learn.   Read both everyday.

New post here tomorrow about many things and there as well.  Read older post here as well...over 500!

Love and Health


Monday, April 28, 2014

Cancer Survivorship..And the Fight Begins Again

My Party is over for now.  I had scans and things grew.  August will be 13 years.  Last year I had 2 surgeries.  Abdominal and right lung.  This cancer is getting very nasty again.  My time off is over for now.  I am researching options.  I will get back to you another day with details and much more.  I have to collect my thoughts and strength :)