Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cancer Survivorship

Dear All,

Yes I have been ignoring my blog and I am sorry.  Know that I am very well at the moment and just trying to sort so many things out.  I am figuring out somewhat normal health issues at the moment, working and having fun.

Every so often I am shocked when I actually get to plan an extended period of "free" time. :)...not free of disease...but a long time of stability which I am experiencing now.  It is lovely.  I hope to get lucky and be free for awhile.

I will be back here shortly.  Wishing you all health...and the rest will come :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cancer Survivorship...How to Really Help a Person with Cancer

I have facilitated cancer support groups and I could go on about this forever.  Here is a start....

The 3 most discussed subjects in a support group are

1.  Creating a treatment Plan
2.  How to organize family and friends to help you
3.  How to keep your head above water spiritually, emotionally, and psychosocially
4. Money
5. Sex

That about sums up the big ones.  I will go into more detail on each one another time...

What to say to a person that has cancer to really help them...keep it simple....

1.  What can I do to help you today....exactly...pick up a kid from school...cook you a meal...have coffee with you...give you a hug....

2.  What can I do to help you today.....tell me!  I have free time Friday from 1 to 3 pm...can I do anything for you at that time.  It would be my pleasure.  I will call you later today and you can let me know.

3.  NEVER say call me if you need me.....we will not call you .....well....I might call you however the average person will sit alone and do nothing....they will never call you for so many reasons!  If you choose to help someone be pro active about it.

I teach patients to be assertive in their care as much as possible including myself...however there are days when we are just tired and would love a phone call.....and if you don't call because you do not know what to anyway...and say...I do not know what to say except I am just thinking of you today....that will go days for cheering someone up....who are you calling today?   xoxoxoxo