Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cancer Survivorship..The Value of Your Time

Have you ever put a real value on your time, what you do, and who you spend it with?  Have you thought about how you are wasting it and how to change things so your time has real value...with whatever amount of time that you have left?  Even is it is a lifetime?

I think about this often...and I change it up often. It is not just about smelling the roses and all of that other bullshit.  But what exactly are you doing?  What exact steps are you taking to give yourself a better life?

Are you surrounding yourself with the best people for you to grow.  Are you spending too much time waiting for people to do things for you instead of doing them yourself?  Do you need help in real daily planning.  how do you figure stuff out and where do you go for help?

I believe in the patient (for lack of a better word) doing as much for yourself as possible.  More on this in the next post.

Cancer survivorship...from Survive to Thrive...it is a job...time is a huge part of it...proper planning is key.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cancer Thrivorship..The Longest Post Ever

Hello All...here is the big catch up on everything....

1.   Cancer still sucks ...forever...I am forging ahead with my life however I feel the ticking of the clock more than ever.  This feeling of the ticking clock is both mental as well as physical although my scans are not until mid February.  As usual I am starting to think about scans with a bit of dread.

2.  My digestive system is a constant work in progress.  A work in progress I hope and not falling apart. I can fill Dodger Stadium with gas on a good day so what I eat and with whom is always a plan in progress as well.  Many people ask me to stay over night at their homes and visit...unless I have my own room and bathroom...:)...it ain't happening.   LOL  I love my friends.

3.  I have a tumor now that I know of in between my stomach and liver...I think it has grown a little however I shall see soon enough...and I hope that I have nothing new.  It is almost 12 1/2 years of doing this...so many surgeries, chemo, etc...I am a little tired.  I am not sure what I will do if I have to do something.  There is nothing that I want to do anymore.  I just want to live.  Fellow survivors I know that you get it.

4. I am going to do a stand up routine in Los Angeles in February.  If you would like info please private message me and I will get you the info.  I do not have the date yet.  The routine is rated pg 13 to R...It is about my life in cancer and a little dark but funny...If you like Chelsea Lately and Ellen...you will like this...sort of in the middle!  I am very excited.    amyreg@aol.com...please no crap mail!  If you talent scouts...send them!  LOL

5. I am continuing to advocate for those going through serious medical issues in addition to my own.  I recently read about a cancer survivor with a blog of 165,000 posts...I hope I get there!

6.  I am not very emotional this evening as I just can't be at the moment...maybe tomorrow ...I have a lot of new info to share as well.  God Bless and good night!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cancer Survivor ...still here and Going Strong

Hi All...I am still here and starting to wonder about scans in a few weeks...will I continue to have my life or will I again be interrupted by insane medical treatments with no guarantee of giving me any long term peace??

It has now been 12 1/2 years of doing "this".   I am working hard to stay here on this earth for a long time.

I will have a lengthy blog post up on Sunday about what I have been doing...etc....mostly humorous...if you need a laugh come back Sunday evening!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cancer Survivorship 2014

Happy New Year to All!  I will not be writing here very much this month.  Please if you are new read the old posts.  There are over 500 of them all designed to help you survive this crazy disease.  I am doing a few new things this year and will let you all know when my project is up and running.  Health wise I am doing well.

I think that I have said almost everything here that I can say for now.  I will be back.

Amy Regenstreif

13 abdominal surgeries
Vats surgery to right lung
2 chest ports
2 stomach ports
4 chemo therapies
1 pic line
2 arm pit surgeries
and a partridge in a pear tree :)

Be Bold...Be Brave...Be Organized...Be Assertive...