Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still Here

Hello Folks...I am sorry for not typing. I have much work to do and I am tired  :).  I will not be posting for a short time.  I feel ok. :).  I am playing catch up!  And I have not been in deep thought lately!  I will be back soon!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Over 12 Surgereis and Then Some/Survival Skills

If you have been reading awhile you know my story.  If you are tuning for the first time ...please read more.  I can not catch you up anymore.  It is 12 years next month.  This seems hard to believe.  I do not think that I am the longest living person with stage 4 cancer however I must be getting there.  I am lucky.. I know...because I am here and physically well, however it does not come without mental and financial scars :) .

My new adventure for helping others like me is called Vision Board for a Cure.  My website will be up next week.  Vision Boarding is an ancient art going back to possibly the times of the caveman.  It is a way of manifesting how you would like to see your life develop in the future.

I will go into it more next post. I have a developed a program so that patients can do vision boards to learn how to advocate for themselves in the areas of financial planning in illness, and the emotional and psycho/social issues of having a serious illness.

I teach folks through creativity and art to come to grips with their reality...whatever it might be and then we discuss using certain tools to make their lives better.

The skills you used when you had no illness are just as important to use when you are not well and then some I will be inviting you to go on a bit of a journey with me to matter how you feel, no  matter where your illness is taking you.....I will post everyday at the end of the Monday night/Tuesday morning will be the first post.

Much of this I have talked about in previous posts however I am doing this in a different way for the same result...for you to feel better!