Saturday, June 29, 2013

Still Here

I have been working and creating since surgery a few months ago.  I am doing well....I will spill the beans next week on this new project.  Stay tuned.  Please continue to spread this blog.  It has important survival info in it.

Remember you can negotiate all of your medical bills....check those insurance codes!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One More Time

August is 12 years that I have been doing leiomyosarcoma...12 surgeries and a host of other issues.  As we go along as patients we are always trying to make deals with God....any God...all stay here a little bit longer.

If I can just see my kids graduate grade school....middle their first real jobs...get a grandparent...

If I could just fall in love one more time before I go.  If I could see that person one more time.  If I could have incredible sex one more time :)...even if my body can not remember what that means :)  I will find a way to remind it!

If I could lay on that beach in Kaui one more time or just see the hummingbirds this summer on my door step while drinking my more time.

If I could wander New York City one more time..just please one more time...

There will never be enough time...never ever be enough time. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Health Care Exchanges

I just found out that the Cancer Center and Hospital that I go to will not be participating in the coming health care exchanges.  Do not switch any of your health insurance until you check all of this out.

Also understand that this process is a fluid one.  Things can change after you jump in as well.  Speak with someone that can analytically guide through what is happening today as well as what might happen tomorrow in your healthcare.

Be patient, listen and get a second opinion!  I always say to buy health insurance as if you are sick...then you understand the true cost :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Cost of Chemo

Please write your congress people and President Obama today regarding Sequestor.  They want to cut chemo therapy drugs to seniors and the disabled on Medicare by 2% and pass this cost on to the cancer patient....are they nuts?  Seniors and the disabled?

We pay these people to work for us....they have the best benefits and healthcare in the world, which they designed for themselves and they do this.  Shame on you.  Lets talk numbers Congress. Invite me to speak.

I do not understand your logic at all....

Friday, June 7, 2013

All Kinds of Information

Dear Friends,

Recovering from this last surgery is coming along slowly however well.  I am back at work after my 12th ab surgery and running around as best that I can :).  Due to working, packing and moving I will not post much the next couple of weeks.  I will try.

You can search and read anything here ...4 years worth and still more to say!  :)

Until someone cures this horrible disease, invents better medical insurance, or I die ( little cancer humor), I will keep typing!

Love and Health,

Amy Regenstreif

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back To Business..Health Insurance

If you live in the state of California you may know that the only insurance companies participating in the healthcare exchange at this time are Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Kaiser.  This will give you all less choice.

However what does all of this really mean for you?  Starting Monday I will start posting a little info everyday about Obamacare.  Unfortunately I have blocked you being able to comment here due to recent posts that were filled with viruses and other crazy posts.  If there is an issue that you want me to discuss please send me an e mail.

Did you know that the original document for care is about 11,000 pages??????  Crazy.