Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nightmares and How to Get Rid of Them

Having had so many abdominal surgeries over the years....the same kind over and over I am well aware of what I am about to experience. So the key is how do I do this mentally again for the best outcome?  This is the first post regarding how I do this.  It helps me prepare and I hope it helps you.  This is not only about surviving cancer.  It is about surviving any illness so please send it out to the world and help others.

If you have had a lot of surgeries like I have you have a lot of crazy mental images that might be coming into your head.  We have such a fabulous sense of recall...smells...tastes...images of the past that pop in and can ruin a day.

How do you control them?  You have to let them choice really...they are practice getting rid of them.  Replace them with a joyful memory...meditate..make yourself laugh...sounds crazy right?  I am not ...this works for me.  I watch funny movies...I make a call to wonderful friend....anything to get the thought out of my head.

If it is late at night or early in the morning I meditate quite a bit with deep breathing.  I imagine myself dancing in Hawaii or relaxing with best friends.  I imagine a huge protective white light around me giving me strength.  The point is you are allowed a bit of self pity and then you must get up and move on.  Time will pass no matter what ....time is not waiting for you to get do the best you can with it.  It is all we have.

Next post is about the power of words.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Not Chemo/Surgery ...

Life is always what happens when you are making plans.  I am not having chemo until much later.  I am going to have one huge surgery to try and get everything out. That will happen the second week of April.  This will be my 13th abdominal surgery. 

I will try and type as much as possible for all of you that read.  My goal is not only to get rid of this disease but also to help others get through the day :).

No one can leave comments as I am not able to monitor everything while I am in the hospital.

I am happy to have this crazy surgery in the hope of being again disease free for awhile.  I am going to fight everyday until I can not :)...which I am hoping will not be for a very long time.

I will be posting all of this week.

Lots of love and health to all.  Please read all of the posts from years ago.  Always lots of info for you and more to come.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I will be posting more over the weekend...little busy right now however I have lots to type...I will be doing chemo pretty quickly...will go into details later...

I did not anticipate this sudden turn of events however I should know better :).  I just always think the best. Funny how it is always a surprise to me.

On Sunday I will type a book.  Just need to prepare work and life right now.  I move forward with hope and love...I had a year and a half off...let the battle begin.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

20,000 Views and Scans

Dear Everyone,

Thanks so much for reading all of these years.  This is not a lot of views in comparison to much out there, however I know that I have helped many people and it makes me so very happy.  I started this blog years ago because I hate therapy and I just had a lot to say.  I had no idea of what would happen after writing or that I would even still be alive today.

Keep reading...lots more to come...I have scans Friday and I am of course a bit petrified.  I am also on my way to Central California to present a workshop on dealing with health insurance and medical bills....and much more.

I may be a bit quiet this week as I will be traveling and praying about Friday :) all all languages :).  So have a great week and send this info everywhere.

Always moving forward with love and hope almost 12 years everyday with stage 4 retroperitoneal could be me...keep going!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Note on Health Insurance

Before you change plans please call your company and see if you have an unlimited benefit amount for your care.  This means that if you need millions of dollars forever that you have cap on all...

New plans may have a cap on the amount of benefit that you can receive. It may be in the millions however it is still a cap and easily can become an issue down the road as costs continue to rise.  Make sure you know how your plan works before you switch!  Read the fine print!.  Understand what you are reading!

Do not be so quick to leave your private plan and go with your group plan at work....more on that in next post.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Medicare Drug Deductibles

Your prescription drug prices may have changed or are changing.  Please check with your insurance company.  This is for medicare folks.  I am finding that deductibles have changed for 2013 and no info was mailed out.

You will be paying more.  This is no surprise....they just did not tell anyone by mail?  I can not print exact info because there are too many plans.  It is based on the tier that your drug falls into.  There are 4 tiers.

That is all that I can say here without this entry being a 100 pages long.  Call your insurance company for info.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stop Spamming This Blog

This blog is not for you to put your hair salon, crazy drugs, or for any type of company to advertise here.  Do not do it.  it will only be removed and no one wants to see it.

I am sorry to have been on a vacation as of late.  I will resume posting Monday!  Please read the last 4 years!   Great info here!