Monday, October 31, 2011

On Hold

I am sitting on hold right now with the Franchise Tax Board.  I must say I have had very good dealings with them in general.  I know I owe taxes and they have worked very well with me.  I have no complaints with them.  Having cancer for over 5 years in a row...10 in my only real complaint.

Sitting here on hold I sometimes I ever really going to "catch up" with my life or am I going to have this feeling of "on hold" forever.  I work and things are great...then I don't and all hell breaks loose.  I have no issues with working either.  I just want a lot of "TIME".

Time to really get my act it was before cancer :).  Our medical insurance should not break should not throw us against a brick wall and shatter the lives we worked so hard to build.  Cancer may kill me but it did not destroy my spirit and lessen my will to made it bigger. 

Our medical insurance system...broke apart the life I once had...and continuous illness makes it very difficult to get it back...I will keep trying :).  It's time for our society to realize that basic medical care is a right.  Everyone deserves decent medical care and to not loose their life savings over illness.

I am not sure what the answer is however the one we have now is hideous.  Lets have every Congress person be on my plan and see how they feel about it....I would love to have a chat with a Congressional Commitee...wouldn't you?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vacation and Work Yay!

I will not be posting for a week or on vacation and a little bit of work! YAY!  Enjoy!  I know that I will :).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to Really Buy Life Insurance

If you have young children, if you are responsible for taking care of anyone at may need life insurance.  Life insurance can also be a retirement planning tool...I am just doing the basics today.  Always buy from a highly financially rated company.

Term Policies....all term policies end at a specified date by the insurance company, or it looses the rate guarantee at a specified time by the insurance company.  One day you could end up uninsured to soon or having to pay a fortune to keep your policy.  If you have had medical issues since you purchased your policy, your underwriting rating may have changed for the worse, and you have aged!  Buying a new term policy may be out of your reach as well.  Check the time of your term policies and make sure you benficiary statement is written properly!

Many Life Insurance Policies have a LBR or Living Benefits Rider.  All policies need this in my opinion.  This is a free rider and allows you to access a portion of your life insurance proceeds for your care when your illness becomes terminal.  Does your policy have this feature?  Please check.

Some policies can be convertable to cash value life insurance.  You may have this feature in your policies as well.  It will allow you to structure your life insurance to have it until you actually die.  Even folks in their 80's and 90's usually need life insurance upon the passing of their spouse or significant other....any significant other...could be your love of many years...could be your kids...grandkids.....could even be a charity.  It could be used to take care of estate taxes and debt from long term care...the list is endless.  Next blog will be about cash value life insurance.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Edge

Sometimes you have to be forced to the edge, in order to jump.  Where are you going and what would you like to do...even while going through cancer.  Maybe you will have much more time than you think.  Maybe you will have to make some plans. :)  Go ahead and jump...who knows where you will land.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Long Term Care

The Long Term Care portion of the President's health care bill was removed today and I say thank heaven.  It was poorly designed and would have cost taxpayers and the gov't a fortune.  Actually it was horribly designed.

So this does raise the question regarding how you and your family will fund your long term care.  I have long term care insurance.  I sell long term care insurance.  I was very lucky to have been able to purchase it through my company years ago.  I am not able to have life insurance.

Long Term Care in the state of California can cost anywhere from $86,000 and up...that will double in the next ten to fifteen years.  How will you fund that even if it is just a couple of years?  What if it is ten years?

As a ten year cancer patient I urge you to investigate this product while you are young and your late 40's is the best time...50's and 60's as well!  These plans are age and health sensitive.  The beauty of the plan is that you get to design it yourself.

My favorite company for this type of insurance is New York Life Insurance Company.  They are financially stable and have been in business for over 166 years. ...There is no health insurance that covers you for activities of daily living.  Those are eating, bathing, dressing, continence, mobility, and toileting. 

There are enough medical bills with our health insurance not covering our care.  Having no long term care planning in place could put you over the edge. 

It also gives the ill person dignity and choice.  It is embarrasing to have your spouse change your diaper...maybe your spouse can not even lift you..maybe emotionally they just can't do it.  With LTC Insurance you have choice and freedom in your care and you can stay at home.  If you are healthy...investigate this type of insurance may help save your financial life. I personally know from where I speak.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Your Medical Insurance

Our medical insurance system is in shambles however there are a few things that you need to know now..reminders.

1.  Have you reached your deductible for the year yet?  Remember that your deductible starts new every first of the year.   If you have already satisfied your deductible and need to do a few might be the time to get these things done.  You may be able to get certain doctor visits for no charge as opposed to doing them in January.  Call your insurance company first and discuss this or call your doctor's office and ask their insurance person to check this as well.

2.  When you first applied for your insurance, how was your underwriting?  If enough time has passed, and you are better you can ask for an underwriting review and perhaps get a less expensive policy payment.

3.  Make sure everyone takes your insurance!  Do not assume that everyone does...the hospital...the doctor...pathology, radiolology...everyone!  Do not be surprised by a huge bill just because you did not check.

More tomorrow...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Man

I was supposed to talk about healthcare however I, like many people are saddened by the death of Steve Jobs.  Of course I did not know him personally, but he died struggling with cancer for 8 years.  I know cancer.   Cancer does not care who you are or how much money you have.  If cancer wants you will find you.

To all those folks who consistantly tell people.... if you would have eaten this or done this you would not have this disease.....Here is a man who conquered his world...but could not escape cancer, despite the great lengths that he could afford to go.  He did nothing wrong.

A lot of this disease is a crapshoot.  You fight as hard as you everything that you can...and hope for the best.  You fight as hard as you can!  If you have a chance to "you tube"  Steve's commencement at Stanford in 2005, please do.  His words are brilliant as a person that struggled with cancer who just happened to be one of the folks that re invented the wheel :) for the world.

What part of your world would you change if you could...even with cancer?....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Emotional Issues in Cancer

I used to be on an internet list ...I was there for 10 years.  I decided to leave it recently for many reasons however the biggest reason I think was the denial of some individuals that discussing emotions should not be done on this list.  After one of many posts by many people I was singled out and told that I was rude for just pointing out a few facts.  I was not rude.  You were for singling me out for no apparent reason.  Re read the posts before that.  This wonderful place for me to talk for many years became a place of great negativity. So I left....

I also realized it was time to concentrate on many thing actually going on in my life and not just in a computer.  The internet is addicting.  I have been on it way too much I will just type here.

If you are having emotional problems getting through cancer do not stand alone...get help..

1.  seek counseling,,individual or group or both
2. make sure that you have a solid plan with your medical professional..bring a friend with you on the appointment...bring a pad and paper.  It will clam you to have a plan for your care...not just physical..mental as well.

3 Keep doing fun things...and try to laugh a new for today as best you can.  You may be here a very long time.

4.  Let your real emotions come out...and deal with them however you see not ignore them....You may be here a long me...over 10 years with this crap :)

I still dance...go conga etc..if you can do that too.  Next blog is going to be about our fabulous health care system.