Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will I get the Carrot?

I have my scans on June 10th...this is a big deal.  If my scans are clean this time around...it means I may have bought myself some real quality time free of disease.  It would be 6 months since my last surgery.  I walk miles.  Life is going well.  I am back at work...doing great... and picking up the pieces.

I think a lot about having this "time".   I will check in after the 10th.  Until then I am going to enjoy :)...I hope you all do as well!

I have been doing this since 2001....I am not going anywhere :).  I will get at least a piece of that carrot!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Walk

Recovering from over three years of cancer is like going for a long, long, long, walk.  At first it is very difficult to get started.  Just when you are healthy enough to sit down, take a breath, and relax, that is when the real work has to begin.  If you have been reading my blog from  the beginning you know it is not just about being a patient for a long time.  It is all of the other stuff that comes with it. 

You wake up on a cold morning with a sweat suit on and a warm jacket.  It is cold and windy.  You start walking slow at 6:30 am and get a cup of coffee.  As you keep walking, you start to pick up the pace.  You go faster. Your coffee is long finished.   You heat up and start to peel away the layers of clothing while keeping the pace.  The sun comes out and you can feel the breeze against your skin and feels so good.  By now you are sweating but you keep going. There is a chill in the air and you are breathing it in until it touches your soul.  You have to do that so it will work. :)  It has to touch your soul.

The pace has to stay with you even when you stop running and start doing your day.  The work is hard.  Not your job...but the work of rebuilding after a long illness.  The exciting part are all the new things that may come your way...but you have to stay healthy enough to have the time...that is the scary part.

So I am just going to keep walking and running...until I can not do it anymore :)...Run with me.