Monday, February 13, 2017

Off Line Until Feb 16th...

Sorry folks...being a cancer patient is full time work and I must go take care of myself for a bit.

I had an out patient procedure and got a bit behind know right?  Oy

I will be back shortly.   Wishing you all health and fun!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cancer Survivor ....Healthcare Debate 2017..Dear Ted and Bernie

Dear Ted and is one thought and what you missed in this debate...non partisan...

Comparing care here to other countries is is one true story pre ACA

Please meet changed...true story...Jay had chest pain for a long time....he was a waiter and going to school.  He could not afford health insurance as a student.  He went to the doctor and had a sarcoma in his chest wall.  He could not get insurance due to pre existing condition.  He died in his 20's because all he could do was go to the hospital that accepted Medicaid.  He never saw a specialist for his care.  He had a few chemos assigned by the Medicaid folks and died. 

This is an example actually of a mix of private insurance not accepting a pre existing condition for real insurance and the government allowing only the minimum of care.

The issue of real patient centered care and insurance is very complicated.

More tomorrow...I am organizing more thoughts to discuss.

Cancer Survivor........Personal Medical Post...Looking for a Sign...etc

Cancer is mind boggling for so many post is not enough....that is why I wrote over 550 of them and I still have stuff to say.....after over 15 years will be 16 years in August.  I will be 60 over the least I am trying.....lately the job is more difficult.....

I only know a few other folks like me.....with continued disease ....a never ending shit storm of medical stuff for so many years...and I guess the fact that it is never ending until you die...however long that is.....that is the hard part.  

Somewhere deep in my snobby soul I thought that I might crawl out of this for awhile.   I thought I might get to a place where my medical procedures would give me a break.....I had two big breaks in the very beginning.....4 years and then 2...but never again.  I have been going with disease non stop since 2008....I always tell my fellow survivors to remember who you were, are and could be.....even in cancer....lately I personally must remind myself even more.  I am tired..

But then comes a sign and the will to fight comes back and I know that it is time to rustle up the troops and forge matter the outcome.   I am still tired!!!!!   But we go.

What's your sign?  My sign are my kids tears.....when I see or hear tears on the phone. 

My kids were 11 when I was first diagnosed.  I made small watch them graduate grade school.....then middle school...high school and college...then get jobs, travel and have fun....

I guess it is time for some new goals......and I when I allow my 10 minutes today of sadness, I remind myself how much I actually have achieved all of these years.  Don't forget who you are....I won't.

At least there is still coffee and chocolate...Thank Heavens

Monday, February 6, 2017

Debate Tuesday Night...etc

Please read the prior post about the debate.   You can find me on Twitter at AmyAdvocateLMS.

Facebook Group is Treat Your Healthcare Like a Business.

I am absent until Tuesday night.  I am seeing doctors and getting MRI's like I have done for the last 15 years.

I am blogging since 2009.  Healthcare and Cancer Survivorship may not be what you think....please read beginning posts as too. 

Lots of info still relevant today!   Thanks and see you Tuesday!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cancer Survivor....Cruz, Sanders Healthcare Debate Feb 7th...My Thoughts Pre Debate

Dear Senators Sanders and Cruz,

I have some questions and comments........

1.  Why are you having this debate?  It is not to educate or empower?  I think again we are being manipulated to be angry and adversarial.  I am so very tired of all the theatrical antics.  Enough is enough....don't ya think?

I stand with the entire United States in wanting decent healthcare....I stand with those against and pro abortion.....I stand with those pro and against guns....I stand with people of all parties, races, religions, colors, sexual orientation.....did I forget anyone?   This is the one issue that the entire nation needs to be united.  But you know that right?    You all know it.....that is the real reason for this so called debate.....if you screw healthcare up....the entire Nation will empty out into the streets.  This issue....Healthcare in this Country is the one issue that binds all of us together...and you finally know this.....This took 50 years to happen.  Don't screw it up.

2.  Lets first recognize your excellent Health Insurance plan...not part of any of these negotiations and your full pension that you receive until the day you die......

3.  Lets recognize that neither of you mention the campaign donations and health insurance lobby that really runs our lives as everyday people and neither of you will discuss this.  I dare you.

4.  Lets also recognize the facts that you will not discuss.......that health insurance coding dictates our treatments and lack of life saving medical care and drugs.....often at odds with our doctors.

5.  Why is fraud never discussed openly and ways to get rid of it......fraud is rampant in our healthcare systems.

I have cancer almost a third of my life...over 15 all seek to be adversarial and are using no real problem solving skills to get the job done. 

Where are all of the CEO's of the Health Insurance Companies?  Why don't you admit that for the last 50 years you all have been their puppets.

Show some balls Speaker Ryan.......Senator Sanders, and Senator Cruz.  You are all exhausting us ....I am sick of working the system for myself and others.....People are broke.....they choose medication over food ......loose their homes......we are angry, tired and many have died or dying.  

I dare you to have me debate the 2 of you.....

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cancer Survivor....Medical Insurance Premiums and Medical Bills....Making a Phone Call

Medical Insurance premiums have skyrocketed....I saw a post on Facebook where a person stated that it is like having another mortgage.  It is actually way more.  You pay the premium and then there is the deductible.  You also have to make sure that you stay in network or else your bills will be astronomical.

Some of the best doctors are charging a new yearly administrative fee to make up for the little money insurance pays them....and rightly so.  My surgeon was paid about $2,500 dollars for standing over my body for 9 hours and saving my life.....that is not OK...he should be paid some doctors.....nurses.....teachers...police, and fire folks...they should be paid more.  I do not understand...or maybe I do...:)

Lets not forget the drugs ...the drugs that people actually need to stay alive....a fortune...not going there on this post.

The power of the health insurance company to insure the least expensive way to treat you until you die...rather than do what might keep you alive....often at odds with the medical professionals that want to treat you really well.   It is a daily battle for us .....cancer survivors with continued illness.

So here are some tips to figure stuff out ...........I know I should I write a book on this .....right now I am trying to figure out my future astronomical dental bill.....that is also an issue....the dental lobby is big as of the largest lobbies in Congress.

1.  Learn a little about medical coding.....that is how your bill is determined.  Sometimes a diagnostic code is less money that a preventative code.  ASK

2.  I have learned as in everything that sometimes you call your health insurance company and that person has no clue what they are talking twice or ask for a supervisor to verify.

3. Hopefully the phone call is recorded...write down everything and keep a, time, person's name and badge number.

4.  Don't scream or be rude......just be firm, calm, and act like you know your stuff even if you do not.  I actually am quite friendly when I call these places.   And I tell the truth always. It might go like this.......

Hello....I am________.I have cancer for 15 years....I am very knowledgeable...however I really need your help today...this is my issue...oh by the way, I am taking notes and if necessary please refer me to a supervisor.   Before we get started do you have a corporate fax line just in case you are not able to help me?   I am very detailed and may need medical coding assistance......

I then lighten things up and say....I hope that you are having a good day...please call me Amy :)  More on this tomorrow....

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cancer Survivor ..........Cancer Does Not Care about God....Race...Gender.....Cancer Only Wants To Kill You...Non Partisan Post

We are living in extraordinary political times no matter where you fall in belief.  Cancer...rare cancers do not care what you think or believe.....cancer just wants to kill you ....slowly over time or quickly.

I have met thousands of cancer patients over the years from all over the world.  If you stand beside me needing help....I am going to help you because I understand what you are facing and what you will face.  I empathize. Sometimes I can really feel the pain.....sometimes I actually ache when I see a kid...I hate seeing the kids.  I want to hug them all day.

I am tired of lies and fraud in our Medical Insurance System long before President Trump, President Obama, President far back as President Nixon......I am tired of being lied too...aren't You?

I have discussed in previous post the supreme power of the Health Insurance Lobby...the donations to political campaigns and why our health insurance system just frankly sucks.

So please I would like to call on you to contact your Congress people and President Trump...copy and paste this blog post if you can...

I want to see one politician Democrat...Republican...the President intelligently and honestly discuss the Corporate Health Insurance Lobby and why we can not put up with the bullshit any longer....It is time....

This morning the President had a meeting with CEO's of big Pharma Companies......No one looked happy on TV.....however I bet not much that benefits the patient was really discussed.  Moving the making of drugs to America will cost us more money and fund less research.....with the immigration ban less scientific research will be done here in America.  A lot of scientific meetings are already moving overseas due to the ban.  There is a lot going on that is not thought out really for our benefit.

Please take a moment to google campaign donations to candidates ....all candidates by medical insurance will see why not much has changed over the years.  There are billions in profit involved at our expense.

President Trump...can I please attend the next CEO meeting of Health Insurance Companies?  I would be honored .....I have a great plan in mind and I am not like a burning house.  I am very much alive.   You can save healthcare....if you really want too.  Your smile Speaker Ryan is very wide these our expense?  I hope not.  Don't be human.