Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why Do People Post your info and steal your blog name without your permission? Blogarama and Pairsun?

This short note is about the day that I googled my blog and found people taking my info or blog name and either posting my info or literally taking my blog name without my permission....

How low can you go with a stage 4 cancer patient or anyone for that matter?

I did not give BLOGARAMA permission to post my blog at all.  Cut it out.  Why are making money off of my writing when I am not?   You are so low.

Pairsun ....seems to be a weight loss site.  They just stole the name of my blog and placed it on one of their posts to boost their readership I guess?   Again how low can you go?

UGH  Where is the honesty in people these days.

Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016 Hello!!!!!

I am still here after over 15 years.......I know I need to write a book .... Every time something new happens medically.....I think what next?

Last year I woke from the dead.... Literally..... This year a new immunotherapy drug was developed called Keytruda by Merck.   I am taking it and although experiencing some side effects as of late ....I think that I will live a lot longer.   I am one of a handful of people doing this drug for Leiomyosarcoma.    I may be the cat with way more than nine lives :)

I am not sure how to recap 15 years of doing is a wave of grateful....anger ... Love .... Joy... Disappointment ...sadness.... Happiness...feeling petrified and more that changes everyday .... Perhaps every minute.

I am wiser now..... Very much wiser..... The cliche.... What I know now .... Wish I knew in around 2008..... Although doing this since 2001.... You can read here from the beginning.  Over 500 posts.

In the next few days I will write all about our healthcare system ......please come back tomorrow .

Dead Woman Living ..... Really living .... Sort of?   Let's see.    I think so.    Let's re examine the whole cancer survivor thing .....really

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Update April 2016

I have been posting here since 2009.   That seems hard to believe on so many levels.

I am well and approaching 59.....and 15 years of leiomyosarcoma.   I am rare indeed and I do believe I will even see 60....and more.

I live with disease everyday however with new treatments opening up all the time.... I have huge hope.

Many I have known for years are gone.   They pop in and out of my head on a daily basis.

Our medical insurance system still sucks.  I along with many others are working on this.

I walk miles with my dog.... Since 2009 I have lived all over Southern California.

I am working on a one woman show about living with cancer for 15 years ... It is funny, truthful , and thoughtful.

Public speaking about issues in coping with long term illness is my specialty .... Get tissues to laugh and cry.... Contact me at if you would like to book me.

Life is about accepting the past....and embracing the future xoxo.  As best that we can!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Still Here!

I am still here and will do a huge post tomorrow.... Still kickin well as a matter of fact!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dead Woman Living...Tips on Life After Being Dead for 35/40 Minutes

Hi All,

I have not written in a long time.   As many of you know I died on April 24th for about 35/40 minutes...My kids were told by doctors to say good bye to me...that even if I woke up...that my brain would be limited at best.  This is all in the middle of surviving stage 12 cancer...:).....if you have not read the other 500 posts should.  Everyone was in tears as that surgery was by choice to remove one tumor and not life threatening.

Well I woke up....I had a long recovery for me in my brain is fine ( although some might say different :)))....I have no memory of the entire event until I woke up in the ICU after a few days in a coma...I have no memory even checking into the hospital on that surgery day.

I am called a true miracle by all the doctors and nurses involved.  I was in the hospital for a week or so and everywhere I went people said, are that lady that everyone is talking about" .  Very strange indeed.

So now it is October......After a long recovery for me ....(about 2 and a half months)...I flew to New York to my 50th High School Reunion and saw many old friends.  It was a gift for sure...

I came home and started to digest the whole events of the last months.    In between a few best friends in the fight of Leiomyosarcoma passed away..people I had known for many years...

I had my own scans and they were fine....still tumors not growing...another miracle...scans again end of November ...beginning December......

So now I find myself completely amazed after over 14 years.....  of really what should I do with my time that will make me happy?    Whether months or years?

There is definitely a bit of PTSD in my head...people are waiting for my book that I am never sure if I want to finish....

And the feeling that I am never doing enough for my fellow cancer folks...when all I want to do is lay on beach somewhere for the rest of my life and do nothing ...I can not do that either.

I will post here a few times a week...come back....Tips coming.....biggest one being life will never be as you plan...nope...not at all.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Update August 2015

Hi All!

I have not typed in a very long time.   I am still alive :)......I started a closed group on Facebook called "Treat Your Healthcare Like a Business"...find me.   I started doing Comedy and a One Woman on You Tube next week.  I am late...

On April 24th....I died for 40 minutes docs worked on me and brought me back...if life was not crazy enough...really.  I was in surgery at the time.  I am indeed a walking thankful miracle...the other day I walked miles :)

I still have cancer...HaHa...all over the freaking place however not a lot....I am nervous and working on it.

Find me in my group....How are you?  xoxox   Keep going!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

You tube

Please watch my you tube videos ..... Google Amy Regenstreif  You Tube.... My first try... is Cancer Comedy ... Why not?  Love and health!